A Guide On How To Start A Crystal Business Successfully

September 30, 2022

There are tons and tons of ideas out there. Ideas that are worthwhile to pursue and venture into. One of those ideas is starting a crystal business. And if you’re in this article, you’re most likely looking for a guide on how to start a crystal business.

It is after all quite obscure and it can be a bit confusing to get started. But speaking about getting started, here’s how you can start a crystal business.

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The opportunity behind Crystal Business

Before going into how to start a crystal business, it’s best to understand what crystal business entails and why it’s a profitable business to pursue.

A crystal business is an online business that sells crystals and gemstones. This can be any kind of crystal, gemstone, or mineral specimen, whether it’s tumbled stones, polished crystals, or mineral specimens.

The main reason why people buy crystals and gemstones is because of the healing properties they are believed to have. People use them in healing rituals and practices, and they can also be used as ornaments.

They are also a type of collectible, as some specimens are rare and expensive, such as amethysts from Brazil and Tourmaline from Africa.

How Crystal Business Earns Money

How To Start A Crystal Business
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Crystal and gemstone specimens are quite popular, and crystals can be a great gift for almost any occasion, whether it be a birthday, a housewarming present, a get-well gift, or something for no special reason at all.

Crystal specimens can be sold both in person and online, and many customers will buy specimens from your website and have them delivered to their homes. This can make it a great business to run from home. 

Getting Your Wholesale Supplier

In order to start this guide on how to start a crystal business, you need to find a supplier who can sell you crystal specimens. You can’t just go around and find any old specimen. You need to make sure that you’re getting specimens that are labeled correctly, and clean.

After finding a supplier, you need to contact them and see if they sell their specimens at a wholesale price. Most suppliers will sell smaller quantities, and at a lower price. Sometimes they won’t sell their specimens in smaller quantities or at a wholesale price, but there are ways to get around this.

If the supplier doesn’t sell their specimens at a wholesale price, you can offer to buy them in bulk, and then sell them in smaller batches on your website at a higher price. This is what many online sellers do and you can do the same.

Out of all of the steps necessary in this how to start a crystal business guide, this step is the most important one. This is also why you should not gimp on the quality of your supplier.

Start your own Crystal Business

How To Start A Crystal Business
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Once you have found a supplier who sells their specimens at a wholesale price, you can start the next step on this how to start a crystal business guide. And that is by buying specimens and marking their price up.

You can sell the specimens directly on your website, or you can sell them on eBay or Amazon.

You can also sell your specimens through Etsy, Facebook, or other online marketplaces. It’s recommended that you choose one or two platforms, and focus on them as it’s difficult to maintain a presence in many different places at once.

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Market your Crystal business online

How To Start A Crystal Business
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Now that your business is online and running, it’s time for this step on how to start a crystal business: how can you get people’s attention?

You can market your crystal business online in several different ways. Crystal businesses are often marketed as gift businesses. You can use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find followers who might be interested in your gifts.

There are also marketing tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or Pinterest ads to target potential customers who are looking for crystal gifts or specimens. Either way works but we’d personally recommend the social media route. Especially Facebook as it’s proven to be quite the effective marketing method for crystals.


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And those were everything for this guide on how to start a crystal business successfully in 2022. It’s quite old already, but the market for crystal is still strong as we can already see today. Hopefully, this article on how to start a crystal business helps you start your own.

So if you’ve got the desire to try this thing out, feel free and let us know later!

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