5 Steps How to Draw a Fist: Be Innovative

July 6, 2022

Drawing a fist seems a bit complicated to do, but it is not. You only have to know how to draw a fist step by step. Then, practice the steps over again. The more you get used to it, the easier you to draw a fist. At a certain point, you can even draw this object faster. 

Step 1 – Draw the Bent Thumb

how to draw a fist


The first thing to do how to draw a fist is you have to create a curved line. Use your thumb as an example if it is necessary. Ensure that the direction of the curved line is to the right side just like when bending your thumb. Complete it by adding a longer curved line to give the bone finger effect. You can also add a small curve on the bottom of the first curved line. 

Step 2 – Draw the Index and Middle Fingers 

how to draw a fist

Continue the process of how to draw a fist by sketching the index and middle fingers. Draw a small half-round at the top of the thumb. Then, add a bigger curve next to the small version. Connect the bigger curve point from the top of the thumb until the bottom of the thumb. The shape looks like a nut. The small half-round shape is the index finger, while the bigger curve is the middle finger.  

Step 3 – Draw the Ring Finger and Little Finger 

how to draw a fist

Add two more big curves just like the middle finger. Sketch the first curve next to the middle finger but make it a bit smaller. Next, draw the second curve to the next new curve you have made. The curved line next to the middle finger becomes the ring finger. The shape next to the ring finger is the little finger. Finish the hand image by adding another line from the side of the little finger downward. Make it curved. And the steps how to draw a fist more clearly after this.

Step 4 – Add the Details 

how to draw a fist

The steps on how to draw a fist above look easy, but it will be more interesting if you add details to the image. For example, you can sketch straight lines for creating the wrist. Start the line from the outer curved lines on the left and right sides. Add another line inside the wrist to show the muscle and give a dimension. Adding some shadow under the clenched finger is also a good idea to make a fist image look real. 

Step 5 – Color the Fist

how to draw a fist


Now, you have a fist. You can color this image if you have time. Pick cream or other colors that are similar to your skin. Use a shadowing technique to make your drawing looks attractive to see. That’s it! A fist is ready. You can add any ornament or text based on your need. The most important thing is that you know how to draw a fist. The first trial may not be good but as you get used to it, you can draw a more realistic fist. The result is fantastic, especially if drawing it manually using a pencil or pen and then coloring it with crayons or other coloring tools.

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