Find How to Draw a Volleyball in 5 Steps to Update Your Skill

July 6, 2022

How to Draw a Volleyball – will give you updated material on your drawing skill. And this tutorial is one of the most popular sports in the world. The ball is one characteristic that differentiates this sport from others—drawing a volleyball, although the seam design makes it challenging. Learn how to draw a volleyball below if you want to teach it to your kids or students.

Step 1 – Draw a Circle 

how to draw a skirt

How to draw a volleyball start from draw a circle. Use a compass to do it because you need a perfect circle. You can also use a coin and use it as a mold to create a circle. The most important thing is that the circle has to be perfect just like the real ball. And this first step is always crucial for choosing the most accessible object. You can draw a single circle like this for just one minute by your hand.

Step 2 – Create Some Lines

how to draw a skirt


Then, how to draw a volleyball inside next step is divide the circle into three parts. In this step, you need to draw some lines to guide you. For a better and precise result, use a ruler to draw the lines. Ensure that you have three slices from the circle.

Step 3 – Sketch the Seam of the Ball 

how to draw a skirt

Seams become the characteristic of a volleyball. You can create it by turning the guidelines into curves. That’s why you would better draw the lines thin and with a pencil. As a result, you can erase it once you have done with the curves. Add the curved lines on each slice. At least, you need two more curve lines on each slice. You will see how to draw a volleyball clearly right now.

Step 4 – Detailing 

how to draw a skirt

You would better draw the volleyball thin and with a pencil at first. The thin lines will become guidelines that you can erase anytime you don’t need them. This trick keeps you away from starting the drawing process from the beginning if you made a mistake. The paper and image are clean even when you erase the guidelines. Now, use a pen or any other tools to thicken the image. Erase the guidelines you don’t need.  

Step 5 – Coloring the Volleyball 

how to draw a skirt

You can find a real volleyball on the internet or anywhere. Then, check the color of it. Pick some crayons that have the same color as the real volleyball color. Apply the crayons to your image. You often need blue, yellow, and grey to color a volleyball image. Use the crayons to color the seams. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you have to use the same colors. It is okay if you want to explore the colors by using different hues. Make the drawing process fun without sticking to the rules.

Now, you have a volleyball image. Teaching how to draw a volleyball is perfect for elementary school students. The steps are straightforward and students can finish them in a few minutes. Then, you can let them color the volleyball just like they want. 

The most important thing is that your kids or students know a volleyball anytime they see it after drawing it. You can also mount the most attractive result in the class for a decorative purpose. Your kids will be happy if they can create a DIY decoration for their class or room even it is only a volleyball image.

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