3 Steps to Start Artist Management: Create Your Own

July 6, 2022

Steps to start artist management – at this time has made the artist management business or artist management agency something phenomenal and has an extraordinary growth rate. To run this business well, of course, we must do an artists’ management business plan. There are many things that must be considered for beginners or even for artist managers who have been running their business and have been in this business for a long time. Before discussing further steps to start artists management. Let’s first understand all about artist management.

Why should there be artist management? 

Due to a large number of orders to stage performances or shows, play in soap operas, advertisements, and so on, these artists need an assistant and manager. This manager is in charge of managing the artist’s schedule, managing the artist’s finances, arranging contract agreements with sponsors, and so on.

Steps to start artist management is a mandatory requirement in today’s celebrity world. Solid management reflects the professionalism of the artist. So, if there are television stations or production houses that want to invite the artist, they just need to call the management.

The Purpose of artist management 

steps to start artist management
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Steps to start artist management aims to organize. Being an artist is one of the professions that everyone dreams of. An artist who often appears on TV has jobs to perform or show in various events, and play in soap operas and films, often will be overwhelmed in managing their schedule and time. The more they appear in the mass media, the more their popularity increases. As their fame skyrocketed, their income automatically increased a lot. So, management can help an artist to manage all this.

Artist management companies usually represent musical performers and artists, actors as well as actresses. These companies are responsible for providing artists with career guidance, and communication support with record labels and venues. Starting an artist management company requires a solid knowledge of how the music and entertainment businesses work. 

How to start an artist management business

Here are some tips steps to start artist management you can do:

Designing concept

Make a good & correct Concept/Business Model. That way, artist management will find it easier to manage their overall operations & business vision, because this business is closely related to time and trends. Always follow the development of the entertainment & music industry. This is a must for business people in this field. The business model can be conceptualized in a simple but still professional manner by relying on a good marketing performance kit to create image management for your company. 

Pay attention to your product

Artists who are products of this business must also be of good quality so that they can support management capabilities. This factor is very influential and plays an important role in the development of your artist management business. So, make sure you get a good artist/talent, & have a selling point. This artist value can be a guide for artist management where management must be observant in analyzing & measuring which artists can last a long time in this industry with a good image of course. The period of a talent/artist has a fluctuating level that is quite risky.


The third tip is about the network. Artist management absolutely must have a wide network, so that artist management can easily sell & promote meaningful products. For this reason, the artist management must also have a high fighting spirit to conceptualize the artist’s products so that they can be sold in the market. Because whatever the product is, the market is in charge. 

Artist Management Functions and Duties

steps to start artist management
Source: Artist Management from pexels.com

The following are the main functions and tasks of steps to start artist management that can be used as your benchmark if you want to open a business in the field of artist management, as follows:

Manage the schedules

Manage all performances, shows, and shooting schedules. Management must be good at arranging stage invitations for artists so that they don’t clash with other stage schedules. In addition, it must also ensure facilities and accommodations for artists during performances/roadshows.

Arrange the contract

Next is the artist management contract. Employment contracts with artists and third parties who wish to use the services of the artist. This work contract is very important as proof of cooperation. Arrange finance/compensation distribution. The work contract between management includes the distribution of income from performing, playing films, soap operas, and contracts from sponsors. 

Make a report 

Steps to start artist management is required to make financial reports, including the income and expenses of the artist. The distribution of the income from the artist to the manager must have a clear percentage. Apply for legality/patent for the artist’s work.

Manage artist patents

Steps to start artist management is required to take care of patents for artist works, joint works and all merchandise, advertising attributes, promotions, and so on. Patent protection is very important for artists because it is a result of ideas and creativity for intellectual works that should be protected. Promote artists under his management.

Promote the artist

Steps to start artist management must consistently promote artists under their auspices so that they always exist and receive offers from third parties to show, fill events or bids for product model advertisements. The more intensive management is to orbit the artist, of course, there will be many offers that come in and have an impact on the management’s own income. 

Several types of Artist Management Activities.


The detailed formulation to achieve a certain end goal is a management activity called planning. Therefore, planning requires setting goals and identifying methods to achieve these goals.

Control or supervision

Once a plan is created steps to start artist management, it must be implemented, and the artist and artist manager must monitor its implementation to ensure that the plan is working as conceptualized by the program.


This manager function is a link between planning and control. Managers must choose among several goals and methods for carrying out the chosen goals. Only one of several plans to choose from.

That’s how on steps to start artist management So, are you going to start a management artist company in the near future? Of course, artist management for the music business or entertainment business is very profitable. Hopefully, this article helps you.

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