Marketing Strategy In Recession You Need to Do: Step-by-step

July 20, 2022

Marketing strategy in recession – Many experts predict that next year, the world will fall into recession. This might be another big crisis similar to what we had in 2008. Now, if you run a business, you should know how to deal with it. First of all, let’s see the marketing strategy in recession you can use below.

What is the Marketing Strategy in Recession?

In a recession situation, many businesses will need to save more budget to keep it survive. Some of them even stop the marketing campaign to avoid getting swallowed by the wave of crisis.

However, that move is wrong. Neglecting and even removing marketing from your business elements will put your company in danger. It also affects your long-term market share. In the worst case, you can lose it. Once you lose your market, it will be difficult to run your business. You can start over, but that also costs you a lot. The only option you can take is to close down your business. Therefore, you can’t leave your marketing even in a recession.

Why Marketing Strategy in Recession is Important for Business Owners?

marketing strategy in recession
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Spending more money during a recession seems to be a bad decision for every business owner. So, why do we keep suggesting you do it? Let’s find out more about why marketing is necessary during this difficult time.

Get More Customers

Recession forces many companies to close down their business. That means people will use the available service once they have their money. If you optimize this situation by launching a marketing campaign, you can reach these people that need the service. With less competition and options they can pick, your business will have a better chance of success in the future. So, it is all about the long-term goal.

Prevent Your Customer from Leaving Your Business

It is also the same with your customer. If you cut down your marketing budget and even stop promoting, the other company that does the opposite will attract your customer. They will turn away and use your competitor’s products.

Therefore, marketing is necessary to keep your customer using your service. They know that you are still there and running your business. Moreover, they also know if you launch a new product or service that they might need.

Chance to Be a Trendsetter

With fewer budgets available, many companies tend to use their old product to survive during a recession. On the other hand, if you keep promoting a new product, your product could become the new viral thing. It could set a trend that lasts longer.

As a trendsetter product, there is a low chance that your product won’t survive in the competition. Moreover, you can even keep this viral thing from lasting longer than the post-recession era. The longer the product lifespan, the longer you get more profit from your business.

As you can see, marketing holds a significant role in keeping your business running, growing, and succeeding even during a recession. So, you must think and create the best marketing strategy in recession to achieve all those amazing goals.

How to Do Marketing Strategy in Recession: Step-by-Step

marketing strategy in recession
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So, how do we do that? How to create the best strategy that works well in a recession? Below, we have already collected several tips that you can try to create a marketing strategy in a recession. They will help your business to survive and get the best result.

Consist Promote to the Customers You Have

During a difficult time, like a recession, every business owner should treasure their customer. Therefore, the first thing you should do is promote the customer that you have. These customers are your lifeline. They are the loyal customers that will help your business survive in the recession. Let your customers know that you are still around and provide the business. Keep in touch by email, launch exclave offers or discounts, a new monthly plan, promotion email, newsletter, and advertisement.

Furthermore, by promoting to the existing customers, you also don’t need to spend too much money. No need to spend on market research or make a gamble that has a risk of losing more money. You know what your customers are and their behavior. So, your marketing will be much more effective on them. Moreover, it will give them information about your product and business. It also improves the chance of the transaction occurring.

Create Emotional Engagement Marketing

This step is the most important part of the marketing strategy during a recession. You must create a marketing project that can build your customer's mood. Create a good atmosphere to build a stronger emotional bond. Once you achieve this situation, your customer will not leave you. They will keep using your product, which is a good way for long-term goals.

Change Several Elements in Your Marketing Campaign

The last step is changing several elements you include in your marketing. Here are some of the examples:

  • Offering – the essential service is the best choice. So, add it to your offer.
  • Online presence – update your online profile, so customers will know that you can give them what they need.
  • Budget allocation – allocate your budget to the marketing channel that produces more than others.
  • Marketing tone – do not be forceful. Try to hold your customer's heart during this difficult time.
  • Customer targeting – target the customer that needs your service the most.
  • Your ads – find a new way to create ads that are optimized for various online platforms.


Do not give up or be afraid of recession. Your business could still grow and survive with the correct marketing strategy. We have shown you several strategies for that. Try to use them or develop your marketing strategy in recession to get the best result.

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