Marketing Strategy in Food Industry You Need to Do: Step-by-Step

July 20, 2022

Marketing strategy in the food industry involves building relationships with customers, raising brand awareness, developing new products, promoting products through advertising, and many more. The goal of applying a marketing strategy is long-term sales.

It is also powerful enough to grab potential customers who will buy your products and services regularly. The steps to develop a marketing strategy below may support your food and beverage business.

Decide Your Selling Point if You Want to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy in Food Industry

Marketing strategy in the food industry
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The first thing to create a powerful marketing strategy for your food and beverage business is to decide the selling point of your business. It means that customers can identify things you offer to them. For example, if you sell American steaks and burgers, explain to people that your steaks and burgers will give them a new culinary experience.

You can even explain whether the menus are for adults, teenagers, or children or it is for all ages. The more specific your selling point, the easier your target audience understands who you are and the things you offer to them. It also automatically classifies between all people and your target audience.

Creating an Attractive Packaging is Also a Powerful Marketing Strategy in Food Industry

People love to see what they can see for the first time. That’s why you should cover your menu with attractive packaging. This strategy is also powerful enough to attract new customers. It seems impossible to imagine the taste of your menu if they have never tasted it before.

On the other hand, they may be attracted to your product by seeing the packaging even if they never tasted the menu before. Focus on the elements of the packaging, such as the logo of your brand, menu card, presentation, colors, and many more.

Don’t underestimate these elements if you want to build a powerful marketing strategy in the food industry. Believe it or not, these elements often have a strong impact on your customers before the taste of your menu. Remember! Your packaging should also be attractive enough in digital ads to attract potential online customers.

Showing A Unique Selling Point Will Be Great to Build a Strong Marketing Strategy in Food Industry

You may sell pizza. Imagine how many pizzas are out there! Your pizza should be different than other pizzas in the market. Showing a unique selling point is one of the strategies. For example, show your customers that your pizza is safe for vegans, use organic ingredients, take the ingredients from the cleanest areas in the United States of America, and many more.

Then, sell your unique selling point to your customers. It will be more powerful instead of selling a pizza. The size or shape can be similar to other products but ensure that your product has at least one unique selling point to offer.

A simple example is a marketing strategy by Baskin & Robbins. This company always comes out with a new flavor every month. It makes people curious and can’t wait to taste the new flavor.

Developing an Official Website Gives a Significant Result for Marketing Strategy in Food Industry

Since it is the era of the Internet, people are looking for what they need online, including information related to restaurants, cafes, popular food, and many more. They even prefer to reserve their table online. Indeed, you should follow this trend.

Developing an official website is one of the simple marketing strategies you can apply. You can use it as your virtual restaurant to serve online customers. Ensure that the website is SEO or Search Engine Optimization-friendly. An SEO-friendly website is easy to detect by people who need its services.

Use also the power of social media platforms. Nowadays, people are communicating using Facebook, Instagram, and others. You should attract them and show them that your business exists. This strategy is effective enough to get closer to your potential customers.

Apply Social Media Marketing Has an Important Role in Developing a Marketing Strategy in Food Industry

Take Burger King and Hardy’s as an example. These two food companies are so popular among the current generation. One of the secrets is that they are available and active on all social media platforms.

These companies even have official Foursquare and Reddit accounts. The advantage of using this strategy is that your target market can easily find your business, products, or services only in front of their laptop or gadgets. It even helps to build your reputation. The more you are active on social media platforms, the more credible your business is.

Create Seasonal Events is also a Good Marketing Strategy in Food Industry to Boost the Popularity

You should invite as many traffic as you can. Traffic means people who come to your restaurant or café or food stall and try your menu. There are so many ways to invite people to come to your business. One of them is by creating seasonal events. You can choose special days, such as Valentine’s Day, New Year, or Christmas to promote your event.

A simple strategy, such as creating a special menu for a couple or a package for a family is effective enough to invite people to come to your business and try your menu. Slowly but surely, this strategy leads you to get more potential customers that buy your products regularly. The more potential customers you get from this strategy, the more popular your business is. It may lead to bigger sales and income.


Starting a culinary business is challenging. It is the most popular business. It means that you have so many competitors. That’s why you should create a powerful marketing strategy to boost your business and make it more outstanding than your competitors. The marketing strategy in food industry above will help you win the competition.

As a result, your brand, products, and services can be one of the leading businesses. They will always remember your menu anytime they want to eat a specific food even though there are so many brands out there. The more popular your food business, the more income you can earn from it.

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