5 Steps How to Draw a Bear: Effectively & Easy

July 6, 2022

How to Draw a Bear – are so many ways to introduce your kids to animals. One of them is by teaching them to draw the animal. With a technical drawing, you give kids the detail of the bear’s body they will remember someday. And inside psychological view, visuals from the picture are always attractive to looking inside more than you teach them by text. For example, they may be curious about a bear since it often appears in animations or cartoons. Teach them how to draw a bear while explaining about the animal. Learn step by step how to draw a bear below. 

Draw an Oval 

How to Draw a Bear

The first thing to do how to draw a bear is draw the head of the bear. You only need to draw an oval but a bit different on the bottom. Add a bulge at the bottom of this oval. You will use the bulge as the chin of the bear. Ensure you draw it a bit bigger in case your kids want to color the image. 

Draw the Ears 

How to Draw a Bear

The next step is drawing the ears of the bear. The ears are at the top of the head. The shape of the ears is a bit like a half-round. Draw it on the left and right sides. Then, erase a bit the line under the half-round shape. Follow the image above to get the perfect ears for the bear. Ensure that the size and shape of the ears are balanced and the same to get a perfect ear.  

Complete the Head with the Facial Details 

How to Draw a Bear

Adding the facial details is one of the fun parts when you or your kids learn how to draw a bear. You can decide the appearance and see how cute the bear is when finishing it. Draw two circular shapes for the eyes. Draw them in the same shape and size to keep the face balance. Add a small curve line between the eyes. Create an oval shape by connecting the line from the bulge. It is the area to draw the nose and mouth of the bear. Draw a small circle in this area. Create a 3 by rotating it horizontally to create the mouth.

Draw the Bear’s Body and Arms

How to Draw a Bear

Create the side of the body by drawing a curved line on the right and left sides. Consider the distance to keep the body and the head balance. Try to create a bit further neat the top to form the shoulder. Now, go to the left side and draw the arm. You can follow the image here. Don’t connect the line, so the arm looks to stick to the body of the bear. Create four small curves for the sharp claws. Do the same steps for the right arm. 

Draw the Leg of the Bear 

How to Draw a Bear

You can start by creating an L shape in the middle of the bottom part of the right leg. Then, rotate the L shape to create the left leg. Continue the process by drawing four small curves on each side. Then connect the last curve with the body line. Don’t forget to connect the L shapes with a curve. That’s it! The bear is ready. It’s fun to learn how to draw a bear. Your kids will love it. Let them color the bear after finishing it.

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