4 Steps How to Draw a Hoodie That Inspiring You!

July 6, 2022

How To Draw Hoodie – may give your kids a real picture of a hoodie and they love it much. They even want to draw and color the hoodie. If so, you can teach them how to draw a hoodie. The process is not as complicated as you can imagine. Just follow the step by step how to draw a hoodie below before teaching it to your kids.

Step 1 – Draw the Hood 

how to draw a hoodie

The first step of how to draw a hoodie is drawing the hood. You only have to draw a teardrop shape, but make it upside-down. It means that the teardrop is facing downward. Then, draw a curved line at the top of the teardrop shape to form the top of the hood. Draw this shape in a medium size. Don’t draw it too small or too large. The size of the hood determines the size of the other parts you are about to draw. 

Step 2 – Draw the Sleeves 

how to draw a hoodie

Let’s continue the process of how to draw a hoodie by drawing the sleeves. Start from one of the tops of the hood and draw a long-curved line downward. Then, draw another curved line oppositely with the first curve line. Connect these two curved lines. 

Do the same thing to the other side oppositely to get two sleeves. Finish this part by creating the cuffs of the sleeves. Add a rounded rectangular at the bottom of each sleeve. Ensure that the size and shape of the sleeves are balanced to make the image more realistic.  

Step 3 – Draw the Sides and the Bottom Lines of the Hoodie

how to draw a hoodie

It is another simple step on how to draw a hoodie. You only have to make a line from the side of each sleeve. Connect each other once the line reaches the cuffs. Imagine that you are drawing a big U shape on it. This step is the simplest as long as you draw the previous steps in the right way.  

Step 4 – Give a Texture of the Hoodie

how to draw a hoodie


You have drawn a hoodie now. But it looks more attractive to see when you give a texture. One of the simple tricks is by drawing short lines within the cuffs and at the bottom of the hoodie. Don’t forget to draw a curved line first under the bottom of the hoodie before adding short lines. 

You can also draw an image at the center of the hoodie if it is possible as an additional ornament. As a result, the image is similar or even the same as the hoodie your kids have. The more similar the image, the better. Indeed, your kids can’t wait to color this image just like a hoodie they love.   Now, the hoodie is ready. Your kids will be happy to see the result. Give them time to color the image based on their favorite hoodie. The most important thing is that the steps on how to draw a hoodie are not too complicated. It seems that your kids can follow the instruction and draw a hoodie by themselves. The result can be a new accessory in your kids’ room.

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