9 Ways How to Be a Writer and Make Money

July 5, 2022

How to be a writer? – If you love writing, you must improve your skills because you can make money from your writing. Being a writer can earn money. However, some people are difficult in benefiting their skills in this digital era. You can conduct some following ways how to be a writer and make money

how to be a writer and make money

1. Make a Blog and Register to Google AdSense

how to be a writer and make money

Every writer requires a blog. It is one of the best platforms to develop loyal readers to be the early portfolio. However, you must focus more on one theme when you make a blog so that the readers will remember your blog. After you have more visitors to your blog, you can activate your advertisement column on the blog. Of course, you need to register your blog to Google AdSense. You will get money when the visitors visit your blog and click the existed advertisements. If you have loyal readers, it is easy to earn money per month. 

2. Follow Writing Competition

how to be a writer and make money

Do you love writing fiction, opinions, or articles? If you know, there will be some private and governmental institutions and social communities holding writing competitions with fantastic rewards. You can be more active in finding competition information and follow your favorite writing competitions. Of course, you can find your luck this way how to be a writer and make money. 

A given reward is usually high for a winner. If you want to get money from writing, you can join writing competitions. The primary foundation to joining this competition is braveness. Braveness will become an experience. When you are accustomed to joining many writing competitions, you will become a winner later. 

3. Publish Your Writing Book to Get Royalty 

how to be a writer and make money

Another way how to be a writer and make money is by publishing your writing book. If you love writing fiction, short stories, novels, and poems, you can develop and improve your writing skills. Whatever your writing doesn’t save your masterpiece only. You can get money from your writings. Those can be composed to be a book. After you edit and arrange it perfectly, you can offer it to some publishers. If you achieve a publishing agreement, you can get a royalty for every sold book. If you don’t get the publisher yet, don’t give up. You can do a self-publish and sell it privately to your loyal readers. It can make money rapidly. 

4. Write Movie or Film Script 

how to be a writer and make money

If you want to know how to be a writer and get interested in filming, develop your ideas and ambitions. You can become a scriptwriter for movies or films. You can get royalty from your writing skill. You can offer your film or movie script project to some production houses. If your script is acceptable, you can make money. Why don’t you try to write it? 

5. Offer Your Product Review 

how to be a writer and make money

If you have a blog with high traffic, your income is from advertisements and product review services. You can offer your product review by showing your blog visitor statistics. Then, you can proffer it to the service or product sellers to write reviews for their business. Of course, you will get money from endorsements in your blog. You will get extra income and know how to be a writer from your writing project. 

6. Send Your Writing to a Newspaper

how to be a writer and make money

The newspaper usually has a reader rubric. It contains articles from readers to the newspaper redaction. The sent articles will be edited first starting with content, writing style, and supporting photo articles. If you are lucky, your article can be posted in the newspaper. Later, you will get money from the articles. Why don’t you start to write articles for a newspaper? 

7. Send Your Writings to Paid Online Media

how to be a writer and make money

If you have some writing projects and results, you can send them to the paid online media. If you can post your writing in the media, you will make money. It becomes a way how to be a writer and make money. It has some online media that pay the writer a high fee for writing. You can join it and get a fee. If it refuses your writing, you don’t give up. Try to apply and you will know how to be a writer it for some online media. 

8. Be a Product Copywriter

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Now, there are some products appearing on the internet. It includes health products, beauty products, fashion, and new gadget products. You can become a product copywriter and post your writings on the internet. You can apply some strategies to be a copywriter. Firstly, you need to offer your services. Then, it is about relations. Offering services is the main foundation to be a copywriter. The main requirement is having a personal blog with so many visitors and readers. Make sure that your blog has a good reputation. Then, the relationship is essential to help you to be a copywriter. You can have a relationship with some friends in the writing community. You can join blogger groups, writers, and writer communities. Two strategies are effective to how to be a writer and make money for online writers. 

9. Open Writing Services on the Internet 

how to be a writer and make money

How to be a writer is the opportunity If you have good writing skills and SEO certification, you can open writing article services on the internet. You can promote yourself on some social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this way, people will recognize your presence and regard you to be a trusted writer. Don’t feel shy to open writing services on the internet because it is a digital era. You can make money easily from the internet. The companies are seeking freelance writers to market products on the internet. Thus, being a writer is promising. You can get some writing jobs from particular companies. You must be ready to open writing services. If you are not ready, you can join writing classes to improve your writing skills. You will learn how to be a good writer and write with the right techniques. Those are some ways how to be a writer and make money. You can apply all those ways or some ways to make money from your hobby.

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