How to Start an Instagram Boutique: Step-by-Step

November 8, 2022

How to start an Instagram Boutique – Not only is Instagram a social media platform, but it is now also an ecommerce platform. Thanks to the existence of Instagram Shop, now you can have a boutique on Instagram.

This of course is great if you use the platform a lot for promoting your products. In this case, everything will be integrated and work smoothly. But how exactly can you do this? Well, here’s a guide on how to start an Instagram Boutique that’ll take you through the process step-by-step.

What is an Instagram Shop?

how to start an instagram boutique
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Before going into how to start an Instagram boutique, we need to understand what Instagram Shop is. An Instagram Shop is an online store that you can set up on Instagram. This allows you to sell and market your products through the Instagram app.

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Making Your Very Own Boutique

1. Create an Instagram Business Account

The first thing to do for this how to start an Instagram boutique is of course an Instagram business account. This is the only way you can use the shop feature. On an Instagram business account, you can add your contact details, a website URL, and your terms and conditions, which will show up next to each post.

You can also add an image to the top of your feed to let people know that you have a business account.

2. Choose the products you want to sell

how to start an instagram boutique
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How to start an Instagram Boutique – After your Instagram business account is all set up, it’s now time to start thinking about what kind of products you want to sell. Since it is a boutique, you can of course go with clothing items and accessories.

Since Instagram is a fashion-based platform anyway, these options are great ones to choose from if you’re still unfamiliar with the platform itself.

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3. Go through Instagram’s verification process

Once your account and plan are created, here comes the rigorous verification process for how to start an Instagram boutique guide.

Instagram will want to make sure that the business behind the account is legitimate. This is to prevent scammers from taking advantage of users trying to sell their products through the Shop feature.

There are two ways to go about completing Instagram’s verification process. You can either complete a questionnaire or provide verification of your business through a third-party service.

If you don’t want to use a third-party service, you can complete a questionnaire through Instagram.

You’ll have to provide information about your business, and also prove that you own the account you’re creating a Shop with. You’ll be asked to submit your information, and then Instagram will review your account.

But generally, people prefer using a third-party service. Once you’ve signed up for a service, you’ll be able to log in and complete the verification process, without having to write all of this information out again.

You’ll simply need to provide the information about your business and Instagram account, and the third-party service will do the rest.

4. Set up your shop through Meta’s Commerce Manager

Once your Instagram Shop is up and running, it’s time to start adding products for this how to start an Instagram boutique guide. Once you’ve created products, you can click on the “Commerce Manager” button next to the “Edit Profile” button to get started.

You can also click on “Products” in the app’s navigation menu to open the Commerce Manager. Once you’ve opened the Commerce Manager, you’ll be able to create a new shop. You can add the name of your shop, and set it up to sell certain products.

5. Submit your account for review

And for the final thing for how to start an Instagram boutique, you’ll need to submit your account for review before it can go live. When you submit your account, you’ll be prompted to include a list of hashtags for each product you plan to sell.

Once Instagram has reviewed your account, you’ll get an email letting you know that it’s been approved. Your new Shop will show up on your Instagram profile, and you can start selling. There are some things to keep in mind when you’re creating a Shop on Instagram.


how to start an instagram boutique
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Instagram is a great platform to sell products and interact with customers on a more personal level so it is unsurprising that people are interested in how to start an Instagram boutique guide. With the addition of the Shop feature, you’ll be able to create a more interactive platform for your business.

You can create an Instagram Shop to sell your own products or curate a feed with products from other designers.

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