Try 6 Steps How to Draw a Crown: Be More Creative

July 6, 2022

How to Draw a Crown – may want to teach you when you don’t have any idea yet. Indeed, you should find a simple object to draw. A crown is a good idea since your kids are familiar with this object. Check the steps below to learn how to draw a crown step by step. 

Step 1 – Create Guidelines 

how to draw a crown

You need to draw a few lines as a guideline. These lines will make the drawing process easier and smooth. The guidelines consist of two parallel curves. These curves are for creating the headband. Add three more vertical straight lines. You will use these lines for the crown peaks.  

Step 2 – Connect the Guidelines

how to draw a crown


Now, how to draw a crown is connect the guidelines. First, draw a small curve to connect the sideband of the crown. Create it for the left and right sides of the band. Second, draw three small circles on the top of the vertical lines. The circles will be the decoration of the crown. 

Step 3 – Draw the Crown Peaks

how to draw a crown


Make the crown more realistic by drawing the crown peaks. You only have to sketch curved V shapes to connect the three circles. It means that you have to create two Vs in this image. Add two more straight lines on the outer sides. It looks like a stick for the two circles on the left and right sides. 

Step 4 – Sketch the Velvet Hat 

how to draw a crown

Focus on the straight line in the middle of the crown. Then, create a curved line from this spot. Sketch the curved line that passes through the left and right sides of the crown. Now, create a line that connects the curved you have made with the bottom part of the line on the left and right sides. Next, how to draw a crown is go to the bottom of the crown. You need to create a headband in this part. Sketch a curved line opposite to the curved line you have made on the first step.  

Step 5 – Make the Crown More Attractive 

how to draw a crown

The step on how to draw a crown is done. You have an image of a crown right now. You can add some jewels if you want to make them more attractive. Draw several hexagons and circles and make them criss-cross. You can also draw more hexagons on the three straight lines. Feel free to add shapes in this step as long as the crown looks interesting to see.  

Step 6 – Coloring 

how to draw a crown

The crown image is ready, but coloring this image will be great. Ask your kids to participate in this phase. Let them decide the colors for each part of the crown. The colored crown image can be an accessory to their bedrooms. You can put this image on a frame and mount it anywhere around the room. The point is that you know how to draw a crown for kids. The more you get used to it, the easier you draw this object. The most important thing, you finally get a drawing idea for your kids that makes them also want to draw it.

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